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Famous Ukrainian SPA health resort.
Truskavets (Ukrainian: Трускавець, translit. Truskavets’; Polish: Truskawiec) is a city in western Ukraine's Lviv Oblast (province), near the border with Poland. The city is designated as a separate raion (district) within the oblast.

Truskavets is famous for its mineral springs, which have made it one of Ukraine's great resorts. For most visitors the primary goal is consuming the various 'local waters.' The most famous is the sulfur-scented, slightly saline 'Naftusia.' The town lies in an attractive little valley in the Carpathian foothills and is easily reached from L'viv by bus or train. The vast majority of tourists who come to Truskavets are either Ukrainian or Russian.

In 2000 a special economic zone (SEZ) was established in Truskavets for the period of 20 years.[2] Known as "Kurortopolis Truskavets", the SEZ offers various tax privileges for businesses and investors. Some 13 investment projects have been approved under its framework, with the majority focusing on health and medical treatment.[3]

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In the interbellum period, Truskavets, known then as Truskawiec, was one of the most popular spas of Poland. The spa itself was opened in 1836 by Jozef Micewski, who was financially supported by Agenor Goluchowski. Among its guests, there was Józef Piłsudski, and here, on August 29, 1931, members of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists killed Polish politician Tadeusz Holowko.