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The Second Palm Island, Dubai

The artificial island Palm Jebel Ali is shown well under construction in this
Proba image. The Palm Jebel Ali is the second of three palm-shaped artificial
islands being constructed just off the coast of Dubai.

The Palm
Jumeirah, located about 15 kilometres east of the Palm Jebel Ali, is much nearer
completion, construction having commenced in June 2001 and due to finish in
early 2006. Work on the Palm Jebel Ali, was started in October 2002 and is
expected to conclude in late 2007. The largest of the three will be the Palm
Deira, started in November 2004.

[gmap |id=map |center=25.00737278257338, 54.98828887939453 |zoom=13 |width=640px |height=480px |control=Small |type=Satellite]