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Berestechko. Place of biggest battle of Middle Ages

Place of biggest battle og Middle Ages.
1651 year. Over half million warriors - Poland again Ukrainians.

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Berestechko (Ukrainian: Берестечко; Polish: Beresteczko) is a city in Volyn Oblast, Ukraine. It is located at around 50°21′0″N 25°7′0″E / 50.35°N 25.116667°E / 50.35; 25.116667. It is located on the Styr River. As of 2001, its population was 1,904.

Berestechko received Magdeburg rights in 1547. In 1651, the Battle of Berestechko took place near the town.

A monastery once located near Berestechko was razed by the Soviet army. From 1795 until the Russian Revolution of 1917 Berestechko was part of the Russian Empire; from 1921 to 1939 it was part of Poland. Since 1939 onward it has been part first of Ukrainian SSR and then independent Ukraine.