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The Sea Eye in the Carpathian Mountains - The lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr (Ukrainian: о́зеро Синеви́р) is the biggest lake in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine.
It is the part of the National natural preserve "Synevyr" which was established in 1989.

Scientists estimate that the lake appeared 10 thousands years ago.

In 2008 the lake was recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.
This place is highly popular among Ukrainian and foreign tourists - and not only because Synevyr is the biggest mount lake in Ukraine. This picturesque lake is a diamond of the mountains. Cold. Clear. Marvellous. It gave its name to the National natural park Synevyr which was found on January 5, 1989.

The beauty of local landscapes here is so unique that even those who have traveled to many parts of the world, who have seen many wonders of the world, will not remain indifferent to the modest and wild beauty of the Carpathians and one of their marvels - Lake Synevyr.

Synevyr shines like crystal-clear brilliant in the diamond-green setting of the Carpathian forest We usually say, Let's go down to the river, or let's go down to the lake, or let's go down to the sea. In case of Synevyr, we should say, Lei's go up to this lake.

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Scientists estimated that the lake was created in the result of a powerful techtonic shift that was caused by an earthquake.
The forest around the lake is believed to be 140–160 years old. There is a very small island in the middle of the lake with an area of a few meters which is called the Sea Eye (Morske Oko). The island has been flooded for sometime.

The legend states that the lake appeared (2485 moons ago) out of the tears of one of count's daughters Syn, because her love, the Verkhovynian cowboy Vir, was killed by the order of the count, her father.