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Lake Samit

As you climb towards Goecha La Pass and pause to take a deep breadth, you can enjoy the colours of transparent turquoise of Lake Samiti- A glacial lake in the Onglathang valley. (A view from west Sikkim)

Considered holy by the Sikkimese, this lake is on route to Goechala pass at an altitude of 14000ft. The Sikkimese name for it is Sungmoteng. The inlet stream into the lake comes directly from Mt. Pandim which is right by its side. The outlet stream goes on the join the Prek Chu, which further joins the Rathong Chu to form the mighty Rangit river.

[gmap zoom=15 |center=27.563864,88.188598 |width=600px |height=600px |control=Small |type=Satellite]

Samiti Lake(alt 4200m) is a stopover point for people doing the Goecha La trek. Its located about 6km from Thangsing. There is a very ill kept trekkers hut available here which is used by a few trekkers. Most big trekking groups pitch their own tents in the camping ground near the lake. Trek to Goecha La is mostly undertaken very early in the morning and trekkers descend down to stop in Thangsing the same day.